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Rabu, 21 Agustus 2013

30 Film Perang terbaik versi Yahoo Movies.

Daftar film-film perang terbaik yang telah dipilih pengguna Yahoo! Movies.
Berikut ini 30 besar film perang terbaik, dimulai dari urutan terbawah.

Three Kings (1999).

Top War Movies Three Kings
"Three Kings is by far one of the greatest war films I've ever seen." -- movieman031992

Gunga Din(1939).

Top War Movies Gunga Din
"Anyone who's seen Star Wars or Indiana Jones knows that Steven and George both love this movie!
Large parts of it have shown up in other movies over the years - but this was the first and best of them." -- crowswork

The Battle of Algiers (1967).

Top War Movies The Battle of Algiers
"Watch this film!
You will see the world in a different perspective." -- RVDe

All Quiet on the Western Front (1930).

Top War Movies All Quiet on the Western Front
"This brutally honest portrayal of warfare as a loss of innocence is ahead of its time.
The characters give stark performances of honesty, displaying real emotions.
There is no fashioned heroism here and none of the plot seems contrived." -- mitchelloplis2

Paths of Glory (1958).

Top War Movies Paths of Glory
"This was a wonderful movie. Very few war movies are of this caliber. This is a must see if you are into World War One history." – sirius_m42

From Here to Eternity (1953).

Top War Movies From Here to Eternity
"From Here to Eternity may not be one of my all time favorite movies, but it is surely a great one. A masterpiece of sorts." -- joshuabsa

Das Boot (1981).

Top War Movies Das Boot
"Absolute hanging-by-your-fingernails suspense.
Superb acting and story." -- gregorysawyer

The Great Escape.

Top War Movies The Great Escape
"One of my all time favorite movies.
The story, direction, acting are all top class.
The film is non-stop entertainment from start to finish." -- arm238

Downfall (2005).

Top War Movies Downfall
"I had my doubts at first, considering the potentially dangerous topic of the film.
But after seeing this, I was shocked and amazed." -- eb_sameer

Sergeant York (1941).

Top War Movies Sergeant York
"I'm not an 'old movie' buff. Just the opposite, I'm more a fan of sci-fi and/or action adventure, brainless comedies, etc.
However, this movie is just plain great. If you've never seen it, rent it." -- davejoy

The African Queen (1952).

The African Queen Top Rated War Movies
"This film is so enjoyable that I hate it when it's over.
Rosey and Charlie are just about my favorite Hollywood characters of all time." –pico716

The Dirty Dozen (1967).

The Dirty Dozen MGM Top Rated War Movies
"This is one of my favorite WWII-era films.
Excellent film craftsmanship! A true classic!" -- brian_h_1998

Apocalypse Now (1979).

Apocalypse Now United Artists Top Rated War Movies
"Apocalypse Now is an absolutely fantastic movie that deserves to be ranked with the best.
It combines action, thrilling moments that are as scary as the best horror movies, and very dark humor to deliver an experience that can only be embodied in cinema." -- ninjacat112

The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957).

Top War Movies The Bridge on the River Kwai
"Great story. Great acting. Great direction.
Great dialog... I can go on forever, man." – dl_maniac

The Deer Hunter (1978).

Top War Movies The Deer Hunter
"I had seen a lot of war films before this, but I believe that this one is the greatest." -- rockfreak

Letters From Iwo Jima (2006).

Letters From Iwo Jima Warner Bros. Top Rated War Movies
"Who would have thought Clint Eastwood would make a better movie about the Japanese experience on Iwo Jima than the American?" – cashelguy_59

Lawrence of Arabia (1962).

Top War Movies Lawrence of Arabia
"Lawrence of Arabia is the greatest film ever created and if God could create movies he could not have done it any better." – a_dark_one

Enemy at the Gates (2001).

Top War Movies Enemy at the Gates
"This is my favorite movie. A lot of suspense and action.
A perfect WWII movie!" -- zerobolt

Stalag 17 (1953).

Top War Movies Stalag 17
"Stalag 17 is the great Billy Wilder's best movie.
Better than Sunset Blvd, better than Some Like it Hot." –-- bernardmrrs

The Killing Fields (1984).

Top War Movies The Killing Fields
"A masterpiece, probably the best picture ever made about Cambodia's genocide.
The destiny of astonishing and courageous people, who risked their lives to show the world the reality of war." -- svaisenberg

Glory (1989).

Top War Movies Glory
"I think that every person should watch this movie... not just because it is an important part of our past, but it gives us insight as to how we should unite in future." -- carments

Patton (1970).

Top War Movies Patton
"In my opinion, Patton may be the greatest movie of all time.
Sometimes people refer to George C. Scott as being a better Patton than Patton himself. Scott's performance is incredible and very real." – thevac99

Full Metal Jacket (1987).

Top War Movies Full Metal Jacket
"The best depiction of the Vietnam War since Apocolypse Now!!!!!
One of Kubrick's Finest!!!!
A Must See for Kubrick Fans!!!! Two Thumbs up for the cast!!!" -- raidersnakelira

Hotel Rwanda (2004).

Hotel Rwanda United Artists Top Rated War Movies
"Ever get the feeling that they just don't make heroes anymore?
Well they do, and the proof is in this true to life story." -- everlast1965

The Pianist (2002).

The Pianist Focus Feature Top Rated War Movies
"This is cinema at its best.
A beautiful and gripping movie that touches us and teaches us about one of the most painful and saddest times in our history." -- ttorris

Platoon (1986).

Top War Movies Platoon
"Platoon in my opinion was the best war movie ever.
Everything about this movie was perfect." – pjohn8200

Blackhawk Down (2001).

Top War Movies Blackhawk Down
"This is the greatest combat movie I've seen.
The visuals and graphics are great. It follows history perfectly." -- ct_killer_aj

Schindler's List (1993).

Top War Movies Schindler's List
"In my opinion, one of the greatest movies ever made.
Everything about it was perfect... This movie will probably make you cry and want to stand up and cheer." -- pjohn82000

Braveheart (1995).

Top War Movies Braveheart
"When I try to write a review for a masterpiece like this, there are no real words to perfectly describe the beauty of this epic." -- jbjohanu

Saving Private Ryan (1998).

Top War Movies Saving Private Ryan
"This was arguably the best World War II film ever.
I have personally seen the film over 20 times and it never gets boring because there's always something that you have missed." -- shocker506

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