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Sabtu, 25 Mei 2013

Animated Gifs for Every Situation Ever.

When your mind is blown.

When you’re feeling sarcastic.

When you’re feeling proud of yourself.

When you’ve had enough Internet for the day.

When you see something that pleases only you.

When you want to slowly back in/out of a conversation.

When something deserves a thumbs down.

When you can’t believe what you just saw.

When you are in complete agreement.

When someone needs to GTFO.

When you are genuinely surprised.

When someone needs to stop complaining.

When you are feeling utter disappointment.

When someone needs to mind their own business.

When you regret nothing.

When you are feeling happy.

When someone makes a witty comeback.

When swag is oozing out of every pore.

When you’re not sure what you just heard.

When something is about to be be good.

When you are getting progressively angrier.

When Haters are Gonna Hate.

When You Can’t Decide.

When something is absolutely perfecft.

When you agree, but not really.

When Something Goes Your Way.

When Even the Cat is Surprised.

When you approve of someone’s comment.

When you are in deep thought.

When You Are Truly Bewildered.

When You Were ‘That’ Close.

When you are unimpressed.

When You Don’t Want Someone to Say Something.

When something you thought would suck was actually decent.

When someone really needs to go fuck themselves.

When you’re feeling like a boss.

When your planet needs you.

When you’re feeling lonely.

When you’re feeling creepy.

When you require the highest of fives.

When you are so happy you can’t control yourself.

When someone is coming at you.

When you are absolutely terrified.

When you are listening to an argument.

When it’s time to leave.

When you’re feeling bored.

When FML happens.

When someone does something awesome.

When you are finished.

When everything goes according to plan.

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